[bug] Active Accessibility UIFramework doesn't work on second monitor (can't select elements)


I have multiple monitors. On my primary monitor, I have Studio open. On my secondary monitor I have the “Print Message” popup open in Gmail in Google Chrome, and a blank Microsoft Word window open.

I notice when I am trying to use the Active Accessibility UIFramework method (as opposed to default) to select an element, such as the blue “Print” button in Gmail, or the “Blank document” button in Word while using “Check App State” or “Click” or “Type Into” on my second monitor that it does not work.

Not even the UI Explorer in Active Accessibilty mode works.

It doesn’t matter what app I use. I noticed that this error occurs in Chrome and Microsoft Word, but I’m sure there are more situations where it does not work.

It’s not really an “Error”, and no errors are thrown. But it just doesn’t detect the individual elements, only a big selectable element.

I’m using Studio Enterprise 2020.10.2 and UIAutomation.Activities 20.10.8 with Modern Design Experience enabled. I noticed this issue still occurs using older activities (even the Classic UI Automation activities).

So what’s up with that? Is Active Accessibility limited to only the primary monitor? Or is it a UiPath bug?

There are numerous workaround, like moving the window to my primary monitor, or using click image activities, or just using the default UIFramework.

Environment details:

  • Studio 2020.10.2 - 10/23/2020
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • .NET Framework Version 4.8


Chrome print message window:

Word home page:

Hi @oscar,
Will you be able to record the behavior of one of mentioned application? For example Word. How it behaves when being on second monitor and how when it’s on the first one.


I’m also facing the same issue for one of the website where i used Active Accessibility as default was not working on that site.

In my workflow for same website login part used default activity and after login i had to use Active Accessibility. I run this through orchestrator which is set on my VM.

If i’m logged into VM this activities works fine but suppose if i’m not logged into VM these Active Accessibility selectors fails.

Currently i’m always logging into VM to make this not to fail but as it is a scheduled task sometimes if i miss to login then this will fail.

Is there any solution for this. I want to avoid login into VM every time.