BrowserScope cannot consistently find Chrome open browser

I’ve developed an attended robot that reads from an open Chrome browser. Twice now, users have shown me that the robot is not attaching to the open Chrome browser when it had earlier in the day. I went to the user’s machine and closed all Chrome windows and processes. After Chrome was relaunched, the robot started working again, properly attaching to the open Chrome browser. Before and after relaunching Chrome, I verified that the browser windows DO match BrowserScope activity’s selector. Has anyone experienced this before? This is not a feasible activity for these users when this occurs, as the are essentially a call center and do not have the luxury of time to perform such a task.

Joining in on the conservation, as we have the same issue in production with Firefox. Our workaround is to have a couple retry-loops. It randomly works in 90% of the cases (up to 5 retries with 30 sec delay each).