Browsers - Easy Task is Frustrating Me!

Hi all, I am looking to complete a super easy task. Despite hours of searching online, I cannot find the right answer.

Assume IE is open. I am looking to

  1. Open a new tab in IE
  2. Navigate to a URL

I have tried Open Browser, Attach Browser, Attach Window, Navigate To, in all different combinations, to no avail.

All I want is IE to open a new tab and go to a single URL!

Regarding Attach Browser: I’ve tried the select indicator on both the entire screen, and only the content screen. I’ve tried the web recorder, I’ve tried html I’ve found online, etc. etc.

I am not super techy so appreciate simple & straightforward. Thanks!

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You can record with Web Recording and add Send Hotkey Ctrl + T to the workflow

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Use open browser activity and after some delay
Use send hotkey activity and send (Ctrl+T) which opens a new tab.
Use type into activity and enter the URL you want to.


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Thanks. The problem is that my Attach Browser only works when I’m on the same screen from which I created it.

I’m having the issue whether I do a web record, or create the activity manually.

Let’s say I’m on Screen X and I want to navigate to URL Y. Well, when I create this activity and run it, it works fine if I start on Screen X.

But what if I start on Screen Z and want to navigate to URL Y? The bot does not run then.

I included an image of my Attach Browser Selector. I don’t want it to be “tied” or linked to this page, CES Entity Search. I just want to be IE, so that no matter where someone is - Google, CNN, wherever - the “Navigate To” will take them to my specified URL. How do I “attach browser” without it being locked into this starting screen where I created the activity?


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Your selector is such that you will only find windows with exactly that title. You can use wildcards to fix this. Your selector could look something like

< html title=‘CES Entity Maintenance*’/>

You could also use < html title=’*’/> if you want to attach to any browser window. Play with it and see what works for your situation.

You can also use the output of an attach browser session to store the browser that was found by your selector, so you can refer to it later without having to use selectors with wildcards.

EDIT: For future reference, UiPath supports two wildcards: * and ?. * will match zero or more characters of any type, ? will match exactly one character of any type. The free UiPath Academy Foundations course covers this and some other useful tips and tricks for using Uipath. Hope this helps.

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