Browser working in background while capturing data

can i left a process that works with my internet browser in background?
i read some topics here from 2017 that says it was an option in properties “hiden” to do that job. now it isn’t or i just cannot find it.

if it exist, Does may it work? cause it something that has to interact with the screen grabbing information…

I have had little luck in using the Hidden feature for browsers. Whether it works or not depends on which browser you use, and in either case, having visibility into your process is better than having the browser hidden in case the website changes or something goes wrong with the process.

Is there any specific reason for that you want this to run in Background?

yes, is a long process and i would like to use my computer while is working.

Actually i realize with a new and simple process i found the “hidden” option in properties… when in my before process it doesn’t appear… should be because is a complex process…

There are ways that some activities can still work in the background with minimal interruption to your work (sans opening the browser window). As long as the bot uses SimulateType and SimulateClick events, it can work in the background without your having to look at the webpage. However, it should be noted that it’s recommended that bots work on their own machine unless they require a human user in the loop of the process.

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even though there are possibilities for bot to run in background, its a bad idea to use the system at that time. this might interrupt the bot run at any period of time.

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