Browser Use

Which is the best browser for automation purpose?
Chrome, edge or firefox?
Sometimes i faced some errors while using certain browser especially during selectors

Hi @ajnaraya, welcome to the Community.

It’s better to go with either Chrome or Edge, it doesn’t make much difference. It’s suggested to keep the same browser across multiple processes, so that the compatibility & changes can be tracked easily.

Seems like UiPath suggests to go with the Chromium Based Edge, but it’s upto your resource availability & convenience.

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I work with different clients and they all use different browsers. And they all work fine with UiPath.
So UiPath should not be factored in when choosing a browser.

Better to choose the browser in which your site / process / application works best. If my client uses Firefox to open their stuff, then I will build the robots on that as well. So Robot and human interaction stay similair.

The main advantage there is that the local IT departments do not have to cope with extra compaibility requirements for updates just for the sake of a robot. If they cover it for the human users, Robot automaically is compatible (Well, mostly :slight_smile: )


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