Browser save dialog - How to setup path dynamically


UIPath - I am trying to download PDF in Mozilla Browser.

1 - Click Download Button in Mozilla Browser.
2 - Save as dialog - Click OK - PDF saved in default browser location.

Above process is Working Okay.
PDF Saved in Downloads Folder or as per browser setting.

Our Requirement:
Can we setup path dynamically in run time - Like - Save PDF in E Drive > UIPath.

Instead of saving in browser default location, I need to save Inside Project Folder.

Please give some suggestion.

Thank You.


Follow this link : Change what Firefox does when you click on or download a file . Change the settings to “save as” and then use “type into” activity to save the file at the required location .

Note: You can type the whole path and give enter , you don’t need to click on any folder or icon.

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Hi @rkelchuri,

Thank you for your reply.


Hi @RishiVC1,

Thank you - I will try and feedback.