Browser?s letter

I have done a project that worked well. Today has stopped working. The difference is the size of the browser’s letter. Is there a problem with the size?

Hi @anadipa,
Please give us more details. At which step project is stopping (debug?), screenshots, what kind of error etc?

In the DATA Scraping process all the elements of a client list were selected and now there is no data

It’s still not so many details to help you. Please share some screens (if it’s possible), try to debug process etc.

This morning when trying to open any project in Uipath Studio I get the error of the screen I send. Does something happen with the tool or does the error reside on my computer?

Thank you

@anadipa maybe try to re-install studio with the newest possible version from

I am working with version that works correctly for me. I am currently working with version 19.4.2 that works for me for now I will continue level 3 with this one, if you think it will not give me problems