Browser Related - If No Export option, the Loop has to search next records


I have created a Loop to get to website and input the data and search. Upon search if records are found the export option is available if Not it would be blank.

Using the export option i can download the file, but if no records ( or that area of browser is blank) i would want to skip and move to next record for search and download.

Please advise as how i can achieve this, any examples would be helpful.

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@Palaniyappan - any suggestion as i see you have provided some great responses and been helpful

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@aladin347 Try using continue activity inside loop.

Hope these steps would help resolve this
—Let’s take like we have the datatable with input data and is passed as input to for each row loop
—inside that loop we are using a open browser activity and mentioned with a url we want to get in
—there we will be use a TYPE INTO activity with the input value to be searched for
—now use a ELEMENT EXISTS activity and choose the element Export button and get the output with a variable of type Boolean named bool_exists
—now use a IF activity and mention the condition like this
bool_exists = True

If true it will go to THEN part where we can use a Click a url click on that button to download the file or it goes to else part where we can leave it empty

—again it go for the next item in the loop and open the browser and does the same process
If the element is found it will click on it to download or by pass it

Cheers @aladin347

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@Palaniyappan… thank you the trick worked… My intuition was right approached the expert.
thank you…

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