Browser migration tool and config file

Hello there

I will try to migrate from chrome to edge. And for that purpose i will use browser migration tool. But i managed to get selectors from config file by defining variable in ui path studip.

What i wonder is Browser migration tool can manage to get selectors value from config. In my two cents, that sounds reaonable since config file is widely used in uipath.

Thanks sincerely.

Hi @emre_berat_nebioglu,

To be honest, this converter will not do much fine tuning.

Therefore, I think it will pass the same data to the selector as it is, as long as your variable naming remains constant.

I suggest you create a small test project and test it first.


Hello thanks for quick response forst of all much appreciated.

I read it works smooth. If i understand you correctly even if the program make a great impact, as long as your variable is in config that wont do much difference.

I gotta try with small project.

Thanks again.

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