Browser Issue for Bat File

I am running a workflow using a batch file in a Remote Desktop. When the batch file runs, normally my remote desktop gets disconnected and the workflow runs in the server, my issue is one part of the workflow is going to a URL in browser using my credentials and scraping some values in it,the values lets say loads for 2 seconds during manual run and appears. But when i run the workflow these values don’t load properly and my workflow fails. The values are not loading properly because my remote desktop is logging off once i run the bat file. What should i do/ to eliminate this problem even though my system is logged off. I

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Can you split the batch file into two files, first one to connect to remote desktop, run the second batch file hosted in the remote desktop. Second file is to run the workflow & host it in the remote desktop ?

Other reason could be, it takes time to load the page & workflow is not waiting for the page load, can you put some delay & try.

I have put some considerable delay and tried to run the workflow, but still it didn’t work! I have the studio inside the Remote only, so how it is possible to create a batch file to log in to the remote desktop! I don’t understand, can you please elaborate?