Browser extension - It's the simplest of things that kill you

I tried to add the Chrome UiPath extension.

  1. It wanted me to close ALL of my (many) browser tabs.
  2. The extension is not in the Chrome Extensions “store”.
    There is no reason for 1) if you just put the extension in 2).
    Item 1) put a hard stop to my starting with UiPath. [Which, so far, has some of the “least good” training materials I’ve encountered in my (many) years.
    If there is a technological reason for not putting the extension in Chrome’s store, solve the problem. Don’t come up with an alternate solution.

Hi @dennis.werner,
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Thank you for sharing this. Regarding your feedback:

  1. The extension requires restarting Chrome because it needs to be integrated with the browser properly. Based on that the extension is able to properly give selectors to the Studio.
  2. We used to have the extension in the Store but during the time we had some feedback that it is just an additional complication where you need to search for it in the store. Instead, we have it directly in the Studio. Question: What is simpler for you? Digging through the store and searching for the extension or just click the Tools page in the Studio and select the extension?

What is easier for me? Considering the tabs I currently have open - and considering that all other extensions are managed via the store - and considering that NOT using the store is an exception to normal standard processes - “Digging through the store and searching for the extension” is far easier.

Installation of the extension from the Store will not prevent the browser from the necessary restart.

Actually, none of the extensions I have installed have required a browser restart. Maybe it is as simple as “do it right”.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:
I pushed the info to our internal feedback list. Can’t promise anything but it will be taken into consideration in eventual improvements.

Hi @dennis.werner ,

I’ve come across your feedback on the quality of our learning materials. I am part of the team developing those and would like to know more about your experience with them.

Anything specific would help. And if it’s easier for you to set up a call to discuss it briefly, we can set it up. Thanks!

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Wow, I’m not sure I can supply specific examples over a month later.

It would help you if you put a link on each page to “Report a problem”. And have that link capture a current screenshot along with any comments someone has.

The most recent items I saw were enough to make me stop paying attention: Links to videos about X that were actually links to “how to search a PDF”. Lots of them.

The browser specificity of the training was also a problem. It should work the same with all browsers. And all monitor sizes. And not require students to spend the first 5 minutes adjusting screens just to get things working. e.g. Click on full screen on the video, then click to adjust the window size of the overall presentation. Then undo all of that after the video. Repeat for each video.

The overall training did not match the current version of the software. That was 100% failure. It showed screens that did not exist, links that did not exist, processes that I had to figure out on my own because what you showed was not in the software I had just downloaded.

Perhaps have someone sit down and take the training with you watching over their shoulder. It is common for someone like yourself to just gloss over - or not even SEE - issues that are right in front of your face.

Overall, it was just about the worst training I’ve ever taken.

Good luck,



Thank you for taking the time to answer this. I’m sorry you feel this way.

We’re aware of the discrepancies between the version and the content in our courses. No excuse, just context: the product portfolio is blitz-scaling and indeed it’s a challenge to keep up sometimes. We’re working on a fix.

With the risk of seeming dismissive (not at all my intention), I don’t recognize the part with video links pointing to “how to search a PDF” and the browser specificity. Our courses are designed to offer the same experience not only on different resolutions, but on mobile, tablet and desktop/ notebook. Do you remember maybe what the course was about or its name?

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer.

It was the last 2 or 3 courses I took.

AFTER the “how to work with PDFs” subject.

3/4 of the subsequent videos were supposed to be for other topics.

But they all showed (repeated) the working with PDFs video.




Thank you! Now I remember, we had an issue with a doubled video in one of our courses. I have to agree that PDF Automation is not one of our best courses.

If you will continue to use our products and decide to return on Academy, you’ll probably discover that the course above is not the most representative for us. And feedback is welcome, I agree there are so many things to improve. The “Report an issue” feature sounds good, thanks for the suggestion. I will add it to our backlog.