Browser Background Automation: File Upload Control

Hi All,
I have been trying to upload attachments in background browser with a file upload control. I am able to manipulate other text fields in webpage using settext, click background options. however uipath is unable to identify the default file upload control window and hence i am unable to add attachments to the web page. I have used attach browser (for the file upload window), type into using simulate type in the address bar of File upload control, set text…but nothing is able to identify the control window. Do we need to treat the file upload control window in some other way.


  • . Are you getting any error?
  • . There is hidden option in open browser activity. (In case it meets your requirement).
  • . Can you use send windows message option from the property.
  • . Could you please refer this for Background automation.
    If above steps doesn’t work then please attach workflow for the better assistance.

Hi…i have tried using windows message too…but still its not working
attached is the xaml fileFileuploadbackground.xaml (9.2 KB)
ensure that IE webpage is open “


Here we go.
Fileuploadbackground.xaml (10.7 KB)

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thanks for your efforts, but as i mentioned its a background/backoffice automation. so the machine will be locked. If a machine is locked then this method of typeinto activity will not work for file upload control window.
Is there any other way?

Are you using Orchestrator for triggering the bot?

hi @ddpadil, no i am not using orchestrator. its being triggered from CMD, however the machine is locked. is this an issue?

It’s violating of policy. you can only trigger auto login from orchestrator.

OK now i understand. So this means the file upload control will not work without logged in.
Will work on integrating this robot with orchestrator

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@skswain, facing similar issue. didnt find any any solution. @loginerror @ovi @sreenivasm
@nadim.warsi @KarthikByggari can you help on this.