Browser automation reloads using loop

Hi all, in am new to Uipath and very enthusiastic to learn automation with you help and guidance I can complete a simple task which I’m not able to perform.

I login into a website and from excel search some data and scrape the required info in excel. this process runs in loop every time a record is search I have to go back to home page and search for new record instead of going back to reload the same page loops takes me back to login screen. I want to reload the same page until my excel records are searched and scrapped and then close browser.

Hello @IT_navi ,

Is the site public?
Can you post a screenshot or the xaml file if possible?


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You should have a separate Sequence outside your loop where you open the browser and log in. Then at the beginning of your loop you use Navigate To to get to the page you want to start on.

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