Browser Activity Fault in UiPath 2019.8.0 Community Edition

There is some error after update of UiPath Community edition. Open Browser activity is opening the IE twice and then stopping the execution saying Cannot communicate with the browser error.
Also tried with edge, again Cannot Communicate with browser error shows up.
Pls help… How to rollback to previous version or a solution to this issue.

Have you tried with some other browser? @hss Are you getting the same error for all browsers?

You can simply downgrade the UiPath.Core.Activities and try

@HareeshMR I couldn’t find UiPath.Core.Activities when i Searched in Manage Packages. Though i downgraded UiPath.System.Activities … Is that okay?

Went through the Documentation. UiPath.Core.Activities was split into UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities and UiPath.System.Activities.


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