Bring robot agent to foreground instead of having to click in system tray


Is it possible to bring the Robot Agent (Uipath Robot) to the foreground when you open it instead of having to go to your system tray, click the arrow, then click the robot agent icon?

Is there a setting we can change? This would make things way better. I want to exit out of the robot agent after an RPA is run so we can free up licenses.

Haha not a single response. Is it safe to say this is not possible?

Hi @Asanka,

yes it is possible to bring Robot Agent to the foreground instead of having to click in system tray. Use UiPath.Core.Activities.StartProcess to run <full path>\UiPath.Agent.exe as last activity in your RPA. :slightly_smiling_face:
Another possibility would be to pin <full path>\UiPath.Agent.exe to taskbar. Then a simple click on taskbar or press WIN + number if the UiPath.Agent icon is in the top ten pinned programs on your taskbar. Win + 1 opens the leftmost icon on your Taskbar, while Win + 0 opens the tenth item.