Bring me Current Date in the message box

Hi guys,

I want to bring me in this website Portal do Bilhete de Passagem Eletrônico - SVRS current date “dd/MM/yyyy” including the date that was the weekend, in the activities message box, otherwise, it appears in the message box “not available”.


Hi @Fabio_Batista,
Please precise it a little bit. It would be good to describe step-by-step what you need to perform on the mentioned site and what have you tried so far so it will be easier for us to help you.

Hi @Pablito Tks for your help!

Basically every day i need to click on each link highlighted in red, search within each site and contain the current date “dd/MM/yyyy” bring me via message box date and which was the site, otherwise, if you don’t have a current date, appears in the message box “not available”.

Website link:

Same as other sites:

Thank you!!

What do you mean by this?

You want get the current date from the message box activity??

Yes @prasath17 get the current date for each link from the message box activity, as mentioned above!

@prasath17 thanks for asking about this as I was having the same confusion here.

@Fabio_Batista, So you just need basically to use the “Get Text” property on each of these date sections.

Yes @Pablito get text in message box “dd/MM/yyyy” current date! Otherwise, message box " not available "

Sorry for the confusion