Bring it to foreground

Hello everyone. I am new to UiPath Studio and facing some minor issue. I am using Element Exists activity to see if my Outlook is running. Then used an If Statement activity to ideally bring the Outlook application in the front if it is already running and (else) execute it if it is not yet running. I tried to use Attach Window activity and Show Window but it is not working. Do you think you can help me what activity should I use? Thanks so much.


There is an activity called activate , Indicate the outlook application, thanks


It worked!! Thank you so much!!

Happy to hear…please mark it as solution if your issue is resolved…

hi! I tried to publish it so that my groupmate can also execute the robot but unfortunately, it didn’t bring his Outlook in the foreground using the Activate Application. Do you think there is still another way? Thanks!

What is the selectors you are getting?

Just a few questions,

  1. is the outlook application opened already…
  2. where is the exists variable value coming from…