Bring Excel window to foreground, Excel Application Scope

Hi, I am using an Excel Application Scope activity, how do I bring this current Excel window to foreground?

Similar issue has been posted and a work around is suggested in the below post-
Excel Application Scope 'Visible' Not Working

check this and might help. Ignore if doesnt make sense to your requirement.

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Hi, for the following approaches:

  1. Clicking the Excel button on the taskbar. This works if you have only one Excel window open, but if you have multiple Excel windows, the selector tool doesn’t work when Windows shows you those mini window previews, to click which window you want to bring up
  2. Get Active Window: I placed this inside Excel Application Scope, this does nothing
  3. Using Start Process or Open Application: Please note that I absolutely must use Excel Application Scope for this so this option is not ideal

Any help?