Bridge between UIPATH -> SAP

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I write here in the forum because something strange is happening to us with the bridge between UiPath and SAP, if we do a manual execution in SAP the downloads and the XD03 transaction work correctly, but if we execute the robot, transactions fail and downloads are replaced by another window with the same function, selectors and controls change.

How can you make the robot run identical to a manual run?

Hi @josesgar

Have you ever managed to resolve your issue? If now, and if you are our enterprise customer, don’t hesitate to contact our technical support for direct assistance via this form:

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HI @josesgar

The solution is here.

SAP behaves differently (human-being vs automation) for some windows, to resolve this problem please use Dialog (modal) display options

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@loginerror thanks for bringing this topic to my attention. No need for support ticket in this case :slight_smile:


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