Break retry scope

i’m using the retry scope to manage my login, is there a way to block retries in case of wrong credentials?

Hi @fixekog256
use element exist activity and indicate the error error thrown something like (Invalid credentials)
the use if activity and implement the retry scope



Try to get error message text and ensure that bot has entered invalid credentials.

Ex: if error message is 'Invalid credentials enter!"

Put an if condition like ErrorMessage.ToLower.Contains(“invalid credentials”) and mark a variable (Ex: IsInvalidCredentialError) as True or False for by passing retries.

but retry scope has an internal retry, how can i put condition to break it?

Oops. I put the above solution as thinking a custom retry instead of retry scope.

If you want to use Re-try scope means, First ensure there is no ‘invalid credentials’ error message during the login process.( For that you can use the above concept) Then put retry scope with a condition( Element Exist of Home page or some other UI element after login).

Thank you.

you can break the retry scope when changing the condition to a boolean check, triggering if a login should be retried or not

the following package will help:

with activities e.g.:

Or as mentioned implement your own custom retry flow


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