Break out of IF Condition

I have included a IF condition in my script to check for few conditions. But each time even if IF condition is false, it takes so much time to execute or go to next commands.

I want a way to check if the IF condition satisfies. If not then just break out of IF faster and continue with next steps faster.
Please let me know.

can you share some more details with us:

  • what is used for the different condition checks
  • how is the flow modelled (the relevant parts for the if condition check)


I have used the IF condition to check if the element( a string) exists in a page or not. So I observed that to do this check it takes 1-2 mins each time and its slowing my execution time overall.

the details about states / what to expect you should gather / check / define
then you can tune by setting a timeout on the element exists activities

Oh okay!
Thank you so much.