Break in DO while if business exception appeared

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I have do while in REF i throw BU exception in a flow
how to add the exception to the do while condition .

i have this to end the do while

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Hi @Hazem_Saleh, Can you elaborate your requirement?


I have a do while if condition is true it wil finish, but if its happen any business exceptions how to break this do while can we add it as break condition ?

The Throw and the condition have nothing to do with each other. A Throw will automatically stop the Do While no matter what the condition is. If you don’t have it anywhere inside a Try Catch it’ll fault the job, if you do have a Try/Catch (outside the Do While) it’ll jump to the Catch block.

Hi, thats what i understood in the enterprise framework.

its under the process flow

but when i through the BU exception its still go back in the do while.

maybe this is not the right way ?

What do you have inside the Body sequence? Do you have a Try/Catch in there, which puts it inside the Do While?

hi, no i dont have it i have if else, then in the else i have Do While

if im little bit up where we call the process flow, which has everything its inside try catch, i didn’t change any logic there from the enterprise framework.


Are you sure it’s not finishing that transaction, grabbing the next transaction, then going back into the Do While? That’s what it should do.

Thanks alot i found the flow has retry scope :pensive: now its fixed

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