Break execution in the middle


I’m automating a process which is related to invoices and I have set of invoices and it looks like below.


And I have the view of individual invoices as below.I can view those in a desktop application.


I have set of rules in order to verify the correctness of each and every value. In some rules it says to check the value and if it is not in required format, then stop the execution of that particular invoice and navigate to next invoice and execute that rule set from the beginning.

How I figured this out is get all the invoices into a data table and used for each row activity to traverse through every record. but when it met the rule to navigate to next invoice and start execution from the beginning I used Break keyword.But it was not success.

Appreciate if you can give me an idea over this :slight_smile:


Use REFramework template for this process and it will be helpful for you.

@lakshman Thank for your quick response.

I have implemented half of the project now and used ‘process’. But actually now it is difficult to move all the things to ReFramework. Do we have any other way to follow

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