Branch processing by the size of the window

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I want to branch processing by the size of the window.
Ideally, I would like to implement it like the process using WindowState below.

If [specified window] .WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized

However, the UiPath.Core.Window type does not work well.
Is there any better way?

Buddy why cant we go for Minimize window activity… @nittobo5
That could help you do this

Thank you for answering.

However, changing the screen size is not an end in itself.

I would like to implement a process to process as-is when the screen to be processed is displayed as usual, and to minimize again after processing only when the screen to be processed is minimized.

Sorry for the difficult to read, but I would like advice.

hi @nittobo5
i think no need to minimize, instead you can use “attach window” for each process so that robot can easily identify the windows and work on it.

Thank you very much for your answers!!

About this problem, it turned out that it can be identified by acquiring the value of “aastate” or “visibility” using the “Get Attribute” activity.

I solved the problem, so I’m going to close this thread.


In the case of “visibility”, when the screen was hidden behind other windows in a non-maximized state, it turned out that the same return value as in the case of minimization is returned.
Therefore, if it is judged whether it is minimized or not, it is better to judge by “aastate”.
Conversely, when judging whether the screen is displayed on the front, it seems to be better to use “visibility”.
(I don’t know if there’s a use opportunity …)

There was a better way
I will only share it before closing