Bots from individual location to connect to on-prem Orchestrator

Hello Experts,

I have a question on UiPath Orchestrator connecting with bots

I got a question from client, where he asked me that the Orchestrator is installed in On-Prem environment, and the Robots are sitting in different location which is out network

Now they want to connect these all bots to the Orchestrator which is in different network

Can you please assist me, what was the approach to follow

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Hi @ksrinu070184

Its the usual way of doing, where the orchestrator is always good to be managed in different server and it will host all the robots which are running in other different servers.

Because sometimes when you want the robot to run in unattended mode, and if the robot lies in the same server where orchestrator is installed then we wont be able to either run in unattended or manage the robot from being at orchestrator.

so here we need to follow the typical steps of connecting the robot - machine to orchestrator and then manage them here at on prem orchestrator

Cheers @ksrinu070184


Thanks for the reply,

Yes, usually we do the same as you said if the bots are within the network

But here the scenario is Ochestrator is installed in a server in A network domain, and robots are installed which is not connected to orchestrator hosted server network, in a normal PC with public internet, they don’t have any AD integration

we can say they have different subnets

I hope i was clear with my explanation, sorry if i am not clear


Hi @ksrinu070184

Orchestrator doesn’t care about the physical networks. If you check the robot settings that are required to connect the robot to any Orchestrator, it simply requires a URL to Orchestrator and a Machine Key. Neither of these are reliant on the physical network, with the small exception of the fact that Orchestrator URL needs to be reachable by the Robots.

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Thank you @loginerror

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