Bots connected. But can't start job

I am using orchestrator 2018.2.3 enterprise edition. I connected my bots (high density) and they are showing heart beats. But when I started job, only 1 bot instance is working.
When I checked the licence page, it’s showing unattended 1 runtime of 1. And 100% used.
I can’t understand what’s the real issue.
Is it required to activate the bots seperately, with regutil or something like that.

No. Can you share the license overview page?
Also, how many runtimes are configured per each machine?

Hi @badita,
since i can’t access the orchestrator from home, i can’t share the license overview page now. i think i have only 1 runtime configured. and it’s showing under the unattended bot column in license overview page. i want to run unattended bots on 2 machines ( 6 instances / machine [high density])

For each machine you have the runtime parameter configured. R1 and R2 let’s say. How many total (T) licenses you have? R1+R2 should be less then T if you want both to work simultaneously.

i have 6 licenses.
how to configure runtime parameter.
things i done till now are:
installed orchestrator
activated it with regutil
connected robots to orchestrator, and they are sending heartbeats too.

what are the next steps to do?

Hi @badita @ovi
Please find the attached screenshot.