Bot will skip steps and jump to the next process

I have an issue with my bot process. I have it opening a csv file in excel and want it to make the file into a table and filter for a specific category, once that is done it down delete the rows that are unnecessary and continue to save the file as an excel file. For some reason is saves an excel files, but it is blank, and it did not go through the full process. Any help with this one? Thank you in advance.


are you filter and saving in to the same data table? also deleted the rows in the same datatable?, i think that this could be happening, else please share your code so we can see and help you better


Hi @RPALearner_17 ,

Once you read the CSV file, you have a DataTable variable in the Bot Memory.
Could you tell us a little more about the filtering you are performing?

We can assist you either by detailing additional steps, or in case the logic is complex we can look at something a little more advance.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

@RPALearner_17 Did you check is it has some data before deleting unnecessary rows