Bot unable to run in unattended mode to enter the dropdown field for M1 , M2..below screen


Try localizing…by indicating the whole bottom window in type into instead of whole window

But still consider having service mode and login to console and off


Hi @divya.17290

Try after changing:
Activate - Check True
Click before typing - single
Empty Field - Single line

I used whole bottom window and loginto console turned off.

Can anyone suggest me to fix this issue?

did you try this?

yes i tried, it didn’t work.


Consider installin gin service mode…is there any issue in installing in service mode?

Also when you say unattended how are you running? Because ideally the system should be signed out and bot should login


if i install service mode, will it affect other projects that are running unattendedmode

we usually disconnected the AWS- RDP for running other projects


It would not effect ideally…because all unattended should be running in service mode only

And login to console no would work for service mode properly and your issue should be sorted with that