Bot time limit in Trail version


@ClaytonM Hey I have a question like is there any time limit for bot running in trail version.

Issue : I running my bot my process is to scrap the date from we page but it takes around 5+ hours of time to complete the process. it seem every thing is fine in the bot design/development. my bot is stopped working between 1 - 1.5 hours every time. its not completing the process. and stopping at different different places we tested that part but its completely fine and again started running the bot and remains same.

please help me why its stopping not running more than one and half hour.



i don’t believe Trial version has a time limit.
If it is stopping early it can be from a number of things. If there is an error message that you are unsure of, you can check Event Viewer on the machine, or see if you can pinpoint where the error occurs in the code… Execution logs (located by default in C:\Users<username>\AppData…) can possibly show in more details of the activities that caused it to stop.

If it is running up to 5 hours, also keep an eye on the memory because using up too much memory can cause a process to stop early but with an error typically.

I hope these tips help.