Bot stopped middle of process near Get ocr txt

Hello Friends,

I had stucked in weird situation. My bot stop near get ocr txt without throwing any error. Everything is fine in coding section but not get understand the issue. If i use get ocr txt in another xaml, its working fine but in main xaml its not working. I tried multiple methods but not working.
Anybody can suggest me regarding this.

When you use the get ocr in the other workflow, you’re using it in the same window?

Also did you tried to take a look at the windows event viewer?

Hi @Jeeru_venkat_Rao ,

Could you let us know what is the step happening before Get OCR Text in Main workflow ? Also, Are you Performing a Debug or Run ?

When checked in Main workflow, is it for the Real Time data or Was the same data used in the Separate xaml for checking the Get OCR Text ?


Did you give any timeout?

When its getting stuck…can you open event viewer and checkthe application logs for any errors