Bot starts getting delayed after a certain point

I’m working on Assignment 2 in Level 3 and I’m hitting a weird problem. When I’m going through and pulling the monthly reports the bot runs fine until it actually downloads a report. After that every action has a delay of 30 seconds until it goes to the next tax ID where it runs fine again until it downloads another report. I’ve gone through debugging step by step and nothing shows why this delay is occurring. I’ve even set the timeout feature to 100 ms but no change so that’s not the answer.

If it’s 30 seconds it sounds like the default timeout for something is being used. Have you checked that all attaches are correct as well as the activities.

Do you have error handling (e.g. try catches?) if so maybe remove them temporarily. You could possibly have a Continue On Error set also. Add logs to more easiliy identify where the delay is occurring, let me know if you have more details.


Looks like it’s this one again:

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