Bot stalls after web screen scraping

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I need a little help with the web recorder please.

I want to scrape the web for current weather in any chosen city. I want to use that data as my input for a message. I seem to be missing step between the “Get Full Text ‘SPAN’” and the “Message Box” activities, because I keep getting this error message:

Here’s the part of my bot where there appears to be a breakdown:

Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.

Looks like this is selector issue

Try with editing the selector with wildcards. eg; <webctrl aaname = ‘*’ tag=‘SPAN’>



Thanks @Ram0803. It appears that by using the wildcard “*”, it returns the following:

hi @SH86,

For the Breaking selector - There is a option to Repair - Click Repair and Indicate to the element again. Uipath will Update the selector .



It worked! Third time’s a charm I guess.

So for reference, the wildcard in my case was only supposed to replace the integer:
7°C :arrow_right: *°C

Thanks again @mukeshkala

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