Bot Solution Installation with only Attended Bot License (No studio or Orchestrator License)

Hello all,
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I currently have a Development Studio License on my system but the customer has only purchased an Attended Bot License for the solution I developed. They haven’t purchased any other license. I have practiced and installed solutions in other systems by downloading the trial version and installing the solution but the trial includes (studio, orchestrator,etc…). So this is very different from what I have done and I am unaware of how to do the installation with just the Attended Bot License, as well as provisioning the bot, configuring the solution, and running the bot. Any assistance would be great.

Thank you

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hi @Richd22
If your customer only buy attended robot means that the license will be standalone license key.

You can use the UipathStudio.msi setup to install only robot, onece you are install complete
you can license the relevant robot using your key as below

provisioning the bot : if you having 1 key for multiple robot , you can use the same above method to license robots. if you having 1 key for 1 robot , you have to license each every robot via manually

Thank you for your response.
However I am still a little confused I’ve generally set up robots through the orchestrator process that involves the machine key, orchestrator URL, and creates the UiPath assistant on your system. Does the license key remove this process?

For the solution installation I usually zip the file send it to the system and publish in UiPath studio to Orchestrator then download process on UiPath Assistant. How would I do this if they only have Attendant Robot License?

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Ok, can you pls mention that, your customer having orchestrator or not , because as you said your customer only having attended robot.

If your using community orchestrator, that should not be