BOT slows down keyboard and mouse cursor response

After recent upgrades to 21.4.3 I have experienced that my bot, when using text or input box slows down the mouse cursor and keyboard response significantly. After 10 to 30 seconds the mouse and keyboard returns to normal speed.

@raven can you please share some examples of the behaviour you are seeing? Is this happening when the automation is running or when you use Studio?

it is both happening using Studio and when automation is running. Same behaviour on another pc.

An example would require that a screen video is recording the incident but then still you would not be able to see the slowdown because you cannot see how fast my hand is moving. So how should I make an example of the problem?

Can you please monitor your task manager and see if you notice an increase in CPU/RAM usage while studio is open? Would be helpful if you identify what action is triggering usage.

I have monitored but cannot see any increase in CPU/RAM/GPU. When I hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete the mouse moves normally but when I close task manager the mouse is stuck again until it goes back to normal after a while.