Bot should run on first working day

On first working day Bot should move the excel file from one folder to another.can anyone help me to find solution for this

Hi @sruthesanju

If you triggering your process.through orchestrator,then in schedule->advanced ->0 0 0 1W * ? * put this cron expression

Or if you are using studio then

In if activity condition,

now.tostring(“dd”)=“01” and not (now.tostring(“ddd”).toupper = “SAT” or now.tostring(“ddd”).toupper = “SUN”)

IN THEN part move your excel file


What if the first day of the month is weekend we can’t assign dd=01

we are also checking if its not Saturday and Sunday…

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you can check the calculated schedules and playing with the expression with this online tool:

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Any ideas for this scenario

hii the solution mentioned by prasath_s will works , please check once