Bot Should Ignore Email, IF it Received on Perticular DateTime Window

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Please can some one help on the bellow requirement:

" Bot Should Ignore Email, IF it Received on Specific Day & Specific Time Window
-say like, should ignore Email, if the Day is Monday & time is “From 3 PM To 8PM”.
“Monday 3PM TO 8PM”.

With the above Criteria,
the Bot should Ignore the Email Received, if it received on Every Monday within mentioned Time Window.

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You can get date from header property of mail message class and perform your activity accordingly.
check this for more details on mail headers

You can as well check filter option under options

Thanks Akash for your Quick Help.

As i am not Development Background,
could not be able to understand from above Site.

If possible, please could you provide me the Solution for the “requested Scenario”.

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Dear All,
Can some one help on this?

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