Bot running repeatedly on Studio despite without a loop in the workflow

Hello All, I’m running a bot on UiPath Studio. When I run the workflow on Studio, it runs successfully and instead of stopping at the end of the workflow, it restarts and keeps on running in a loop. I don’t have any loop in the workflow but it ends with a “If” statement. Please advise. Thank you

@Pavan_Patke Are you using RE framework for your process?

Hi @Pavan_Patke,

You have attached an arrow back to your sequence. Remove it and it won’t loop.



Attached file after correction

Orch.xaml (30.1 KB)

Hope this helps


Hello William. You are absolutely right. I’m still figuring out how I got this arrow. May I know more about this arrow? What is it and how to remove it? Thank you for your solution.

Thank you Srinu for the updated xaml. May I know how to remove the arrow? It would be very helpful if you can share more details on the arrow.

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Click the arrow and press delete key


Hey @Pavan_Patke,

You may have accidentally dragged the arrow onto the sequence box, instead of attaching it to another sequence. As @Srini84 said, click the arrow and press delete.

Thank you for the concern. I’ll remove it immediately.

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