Bot reruns multiple times in Reframework

I am running a code in Reframework where i have not passed any queue item. i have hardcoded the Text. after completion of the process the bot runs again. It logins to the portal and reruns the with the same input. How do i stop it?
Kindly help me

Thanks in advance

did you make transaction number as 0 in the bot because if transaction number did not reduce,it will run again and again

Where can i do this changes?

Hi @sneha_arbole ,

If you have done some changes to default REFramework then better to check SetTransactionStatus file.
Just put debug on it and check the Transaction Number.
If you are not working with Queues then it should have the condition placed in Get Transaction state to come out of the loop if Transaction Number > MaxCount.

If you are iterating on files, mails or rows then MaxCount should have TotalCount.

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Hi @ermanoj3101 ,
I am using excel file where i am passing my data into queue

Can you please confirm if you had added Add queue item logic in highlighted sequence?

Yes its added. and i have only 1 queue item. but still its re running

Try to check the status of item in queue and is there any retries for queue item?

It should not happen as when there are no items left to process bot stopped automatically and this the part of Default REFRAMEWORK design.

There are no retry for queue item

is it possible for you to share ReFramework template that you are using ?

Sorry i cannot share it

it’s okay.

Thank you for your help