Bot ran w/o Orchestrator schedule

On Friday afternoon we had a failed test at running a bot out of business hours. I deleted the schedule and shut off my connection to the VM.

When I logged in on Monday, I saw that the bot had run from 5-6pm on the Saturday and Sunday nights. There was no schedule present in orchestrator for that process, and the schedule I deleted had been specified for Friday only.

We have local and orchestrator logs confirm that the scheduled was deleted and that the bot ran over the weekend when it wasn’t supposed too.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas on how it happened, and how to stop it happening again?

As an extra - is there anyway to confirm what triggered a particular process to run?

Solved it thanks!

For people in the future - I deleted the package and process and republished the code under a different name. One or both of those actions apparently removed the “ghost schedule” from the SQL table