Bot Organizing Data in Folder - Have a look

So In open my system, I go to any folder - What i see ?
All Data unorganized and scattered. I cleaned one folder and then saw the same scattered data in my desktop and then in downloads :frowning:

Wait ! How about writing a #Bot who organizes the #data for me everytime i need to … :slight_smile:

#uipath comes to rescue , sharing a video of what i mean…

Input Folder - Folder having scattered Data containing files of all Types

Output Folder - Folder where Organized Data is kept by the Bot by grouping Data together by their extensions. .jpeg goes together, pdf’s goes together and so on…

Tools used : #Uipath
Total Time : 39 sec - Including the Time to Select the Input and Output Folder.

Do share your Thoughts !! :slight_smile:

Video link below :slight_smile:


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