Bot on Orchestrator keeps running after executing the flow


In my case, outlook access issue is there. Bot executes send outlook activity, and remaining flow perfectly until the end.
Since, outlook is not able to send emails, holding them in outbox our bot on orchestrator stays in running status, until and unless it is stopped manually.

So please explain in detail the process or technical reason behind this.
Is the bot monitoring or waiting for email delivery report or what it is doing in background pls explain…!!!


@ovi @badita @aksh1yadav


Now, there is no issue as I mentioned earlier for outlook.
But still after executing the flow successfully, bot icon from task bar goes off as if the bot has stopped and robot icon in tray and on Orchestrator shows as bot running until and unless it is stopped manually.

@ovi @badita please can u help me with this…!!
Appreciate your help.