BOT not clicking on specified UI Element

Hi All,

one of my bot has got issue in prod.

Actually the process is that, bot will open each pdf file in the list and try to Edit it and then click on Header and footer but it doesn’t doing that and also if some pop up comes it should close it but not doing the same.

below is the image for the reference where i am facing issue on this.

image suppose if this pop up come it should close it.but not working

one more screenshot
this is where it should click on header and footer but not working.

kindly give me the solution as soon as possible coz it is in production.

if possible connect with me in teams or meet please.

Seems selector issue.
Can you upload your workflow ? So that it will easy to identify.

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari,
Please check this documentation as it might help you.


  1. Avoid image click
  2. Use simulate option to click with full selector and include aaname or text property
    Then you don’t need to check for element exist of Reopen.
  3. Add * at the end of selector from Adobe onwards in the tile

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