Bot is unable to open the PDF File

Dear Members I am trying to open a PDF File using Start Process but the execution is getting end without opening the PDF file. The bot is not throwing any error also.


Have you updated to the latest PDF activities package?

Please try if you haven’t. If you did, then please post screen shots .

It is difficult to respond to questions that are so general. Kindly elaborate with a bit more clarity.

Please help us help you.


Hi Andy,
I have updated the package. But now I am getting the error cannot find the file. I am trying to read ten pdfs stored in my project folder. Since it is stored in my UI PATH project folder i am just giving the folder name. Inside the folder PDF_Invoices I have ten pdf which I am trying to read. Using same name but now I am getting error “System cannot find the file specified”.

Thank you Andy. Now the program is running well.

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Great! Please post resolution here so that it may help others.

I have updated the latest PDF packages and also I have made sure the file name is exactly same as it is saved in the folder