Bot is stopping in between though there exists try catch



We are running 2 bots from orchestrator with queues… for sometime both are working very well. After some undetermined point, one of our bot in only one machine (always in same machine) gets stuck in between.

Any clue? We tried restating the machine and check configuration of both machines… everything is same… Also they are connected to same network…

What is expected is we are fine even if it throw an exception. But stuck in between without doing anything is really creating problem.

Theertha K S

Can you please explain at what activity it is stopping and what are you trying to do in the workflow @theerthaks?

I have no clue where exactly it gets stuck. It may happen at any activity.

Interestingly, this is happening in only one machine (though it run for sometime in the same machine). In the other machine same bot and same application working very well.

we have written all our code in try-catch… in case of any error, atleast it should go to catch and move on…

It will also happen due to the memory allocation , but in rare cases. Not sure if that is the issue in your case

even I was thinking in same line… but what I did was, cleared all temp files, restarted machines… nothing is helping…

I understand that when running bigger volume, if this issue arise, I could think it is caused because of memory… but when it stuck while running around 50 records…

Next, if the memory deallocation is not handled in code, it should fail in all the machines… but it is working in another machines continuously.

Hi @theerthaks

If you happen to have the enterprise edition, I would suggest contacting our support here:

They might have easier time debugging the issue.

If not, I would definitely try to see if the issue can be isolated. You could try a different process and see if there is any issue. You could also try a ‘lighter version’ of the current process to see if there is a specific part of it that could cause the issue.

One thing I would definitely see is the size of log files. It could be that the process gets stuck if it has to write to a giant text file.

Hi @loginerror

Thanks for your kind reply. You are right, I have raised a ticket. Working with them as well.

“One thing I would definitely see is the size of log files. It could be that the process gets stuck if it has to write to a giant text file.”

  • it shouldn’t be the case. Because if it is an issue, it should happen in all machine. it is repeatedly stuck in only one machine.

Theertha K S

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Hi @loginerror

the support is quite unresponsive after their first reply.

I scanned the logs and found some pattern that -

Bot is getting stuck when invoking a workflow… bot stuck at 2 instances and in both instances it stuck at the point while invoking the workflow (infact it is at 2 different places)

Pretty strange for us because the bot in other machines happily processing all records… only in one machine it is happening…

It would be great if you could help us here. It’s in production and causing breakage in it.

Severity is very high for this issue.

Theertha K S

Thus, it get get stuck in different places, but always at the same Invoke Workflow activity?

Is there any big data that you think is being passed into the workflow that could cause some misbehaviour? (a big datatable or other type of big variable)?

The issue is : same set of parameters around 15 simple variables being sent always… But gets stuck after processing x numbers of records… The other bot still working.

Note : records are pushed to both bots from orchestrator

Also issue repeatedly happening in only one machine :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @theerthaks , were you able to solve this issue . I am also facing the same problem can you help me out with this.

Thank you