Bot is runnning eventhough UiPath executor stopped working popup appears

Hi All,

Need your assistance on below issue.

Issue:- Bot is runnning eventhough “UiPath executor stopped working” popup appears.

Uipath version using 2018.4.6

More Information:-

  1. Bot will read input file and added to Queues.
  2. Bot will login to WellsFargo portal and download the check as expected end to end only for one transaction.
  3. while Bot trying to download for 2nd transaction this error Crash popup is appearing.
  4. I have handled this error popup using click activity to close the popup and then Bot is continuous running for next transaction.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this issue permanently to avoid error popup.



Welcome to UiPath forum

There can be multiple reasons behind this

But let’s focus on the troubleshooting methods

  1. Make sure you use a 64-bit version
    Because if its 32 bit executor then it might be handling less memory than the workflow uses

  2. Upgrade all the package dependencies version
    In studio go to design tab → manage packages → project dependencies-> and update the versions and install them
    Try again with the same process after restarting UiPath studio

  3. If you are using excel file then make sure you have the latest version of excel package in your studio
    Try with workbook activities instead of excel
    Because if excel is used s as HD if more data is handled with excel then it might impact the bot executor

  4. Try restarting the robot services and give a try
    Go to start → search as services → in that search for Uipath Robot in services > Stop the service > Restart the service.

Let us know if you are facing any issues on this

Cheers @nandanetwork

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks for your support and time for sharing valid information.

sure I will check the steps which are all you suggested.


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Hi @Palaniyappan

I have done trouble shoot which are suggested by you to prevent UiPath executor issue but still UiPath executor popup it’s appearing.

  1. Make sure you use a [64-bit version - In my server its 64-bit version using.

  2. Upgrade all the package dependencies version – Tried by upgrading all the packages but due to 2018 UiPath version it’s not working getting selectors issue.

  3. Try with workbook activities instead of excel - Need to rework by replacing workbook and validate this in code where ever excel using if workbook compulsory.

  4. Try restarting the robot services and give a try – I have rebooted UiPath services in my server.

So May I know what is the version of UiPath you are using
Is it a enterprise or community edition

Hi @nandanetwork ,

You Should also consider Upgrading your UiPath Studio/Robot/Orchestrator to the Latest Version or to the Immediate Next Version which Provides Support.

You can find the LTS Support End Dates for the released versions below and Unfortunately the Support for 2018.x has ended Last Year December :

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Hi @Palaniyappan

Am using 2018.4.6 and its enterprise edition production license.


I would suggest to reach out UiPath technical support team on this as it is a enterprise edition

Pls use this form to submit your query and get addressed by the team

Cheers @nandanetwork

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thank you