Bot is running too slow on v2019.8.0

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My UIPATH community Edition! version got updated a week ago to V2019.8.0.The problem is my BOT is running very slow takes 30 minutes to complete a process. in v2019.6.0 it completes the task with in 3 minutes. Please give me the solution for making it to run faster?

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Hi @cityselvam

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do you have all the packages updated?

Also what is the process which is taking, most of the time this is not the case that happens when studio got updates.



Hi @PrankurJoshi,
thanks you,
My process is the bot will open notepad from a local path folder and fetch the necessary info from the notepad and write it to excel. The folder would have 200 notepads it would be completed within 3 minutes. But now 30 minutes.

Hi @PrankurJoshi,

I have found the problem I just press the F5 so it runs in debugging mode

We need to choose start without debugging or start file without debugging. when I chose on of them it run good.

thanks for the support.

Selvam A

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