Bot is randomly erroring at SQS stage

Hi there,

Our organisation has a bot which sends a JSON message to our main system via SQS; we have never had any problems with it, however, it seems to be receiving the following error:

‘The process faulted at : Invoke SendToSQS workflow: Invoke code due to : Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.’

This error does not occur when I run this bot on our development virtual machine, but gets it every time it runs on our prod machine. No changes have been made to the build or to the machine and our SQS appears to be running correctly also.

Can anyone please help as to why this may be happening? Thanks!

Is there any other restriction added to the SQS? As you mentioned it was working in prod earlier and still its working in dev, i suspect the issue is with the application.

Can you cross some config changes has changed or some additional restrictions are added to it.

No changes of any sort have been made that myself/our team that manages it are aware. Would there be some sort of way to check?

I hope you are using invoke workflow activity to invoke “SendToSQS”. Is that correct?
If yes, can you check for some changes to the argument .

Also will it be possible to execute only that workflow in production, by passing some values?

That is correct, I think the ‘SendToSQS’ workflow is working as it logs the message within it, so it is being invoked.

Arguments are passed to this workflow to then be sent to SQS.

Then in which stage is it failing.Can you identify the activity throwing the exception?

I’m fairly certain it is the activity which sends to the SQS.

can you share the screenshot of the activity and the properties which you have used

So this is where I think it is failing (the blue bit hidden is my company details).

I noticed this library package is out of date, do you think updating it would resolve this issue?

Yes, it should be… Plz try to update all the dependencies and have a cross check.

Also take a backup of the existing project.

Sadly it didn’t help.

Hey @dr1992

Can you please run the activity by hardcoding the values to identify the root cause.