Bot is not working even after publishing

Bot is not working even after publishing

  • Created a flow
  • Tested it and it is working as desired
  • Published it
  • Bot file appears in the folder
  • It opens in orchestrator by double click
  • A play button is there with the bot name
  • Nothing happens even after running it

Please guide.

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Hey @RPAwithAshish,

Are you getting any error?


HI @RPAwithAshish

After creating the workflow, in your test runs, did the workflow execute without any issue?

After publishing, I see that you have started the job from the Orchestrator under Jobs page. Here, you mentioned that nothing happened. After the run command is given, did you notice the Ui Robot task showing up in your task bar and disappearing after some time. If that happened that means the robot is running. Also just make sure whether the Orchestrator is connected with your local robot.

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Kindly check whether correct robot is run from orchestrator buddy
the reason --connection between machine and orchestrator is correct because of this

only thing we need to check is the robot which is executing it
Cheers @RPAwithAshish

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Workflow worked then i published the bot but when i click the bot nothing happens.


IS your orchestrator connected with the local robot?

You can check this from the local robot settings. Run the UI Robot service and it will show in the background processes section of your task bar. Click on it and it will show the status mentioning whether its connected or not

So were you able to get this work buddy

Kindly check once whether right robot is executed from orchestrator, means the robot that is run from orchestrator should have a machine tagged to it, and that is the machine where the process is going to be executed…

Cheers @RPAwithAshish

have not been able to connect platform.uipath with orchestrator :frowning:

struggling to make the connection.

HI @RPAwithAshish

Refer the below link on how to get the local robot connected with the Orchestrator :slight_smile: