Bot is failing while running from orchestrator

Bot is failing while running from orchestrator

When we run the same code from Uipath studio it’s working fine,

It may be that you installed your UiPath Studio/Robot in User Mode (Per User Installation).

For the Unattended automation (triggered from the Orchestrator), the robot needs to be installed in service mode: According to Deployment. In this deployment type, the Robot is listed under Windows services in services.msc

  1. Update Robot using the command line, provided you have the UiPathStudio.msi installer. Please note that Administrator rights are required to execute these commands. Detailed steps are as follows:
  • Open Command Prompt in elevated mode.
  • Navigate to the folder where the studio.msi installer is available.
  • Execute the following command - UiPathStudio.msi ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Robot
  • Refer to the first example in the following document: Command Line Parameters

Detailed information on Command line parameters and descriptions can be found at Command Line Parameters .

  1. From the UI
  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Add or Remove Programs.
  • Right Click on the UiPath Studio and click on change.
  • In the next window, select ’ Register UiPath Robot as Windows Service’
  • Click on ‘change’ and let the product install.

What does “failing” mean? You need to provide details or nobody can help you.