Bot hangs on outlook activity

Bot hangs on the ‘get outlook mail message activity’

The process is getting a list of mail for every transaction and it runs 24/7 using Outlook. I left Outlook open, without a kill process in place because mail was going into the Outbox(this got resolved when I left outlook open) however now it is getting hung up on the ‘get outlook mail message activity’

When I say hung up I mean the Robot is still running but not doing anything, we know it is to do with the outlook activity because we have log message between every action.

Current version of Mail.Activities 1.6.0 (latest) but was also happening on previous versions too.

have we enabled ONLYUNREADMESSAGES property and MARKASREAD property in the get outlook mail activity
–if we have enabled we need to have atleast one message in our mail box unread
–kindly check that once pls
–and are we using any filter in the filter property and if so we need to validate that

kindly validate these stuffs and let know for any queries or clarification
you were almost done
Cheers @jswali

We have not enabled onlyunreadmessages and markasread due to other users inside the mail account while bot is working, so wasnt ideal at the time. Do you think that issue will stop it from hanging?

no filters just top40

thanks! @Palaniyappan

Fine is the mail folder name mentioned correctly or if any account is mentioned in the property panel for the property Account, remove it and try once

Cheers @jswali